1. Operational Management:

  • Secretary.

  • Reception, treatment and monitoring of incidents.

  • Supplier Management.

  • Quality control of services.

  • Regular visits on the farm.

  • Maintenance and conservation.

  • Direct relationship with property owners, proximity, involvement and zero neglects.

  • Personal accessibility to report incidents and procedures.


2. Economic and Accounting Management:

  • Opening of community-owned current account.

  • Budgets and Annual Accounts.

  • Operational presentation of the ordinary annual expenses budget.

  • Presentation of the settlement of annual income and expenses.

  • Issuance of remittances of provision of funds and extraordinary spills.

3. Administrative and Fiscal Management:

  • Tax filing.

  • Register telematic notifications with the Treasury.

  • Database Management (LOPD).

  • Relations with public administrations.

4. Legal Management:

  • Legal advice.

  • Legal proceedings.



  • Preparation of the property for commercialization.

  • Intermediation and advice in the negotiation and preparation of lease contracts.

  • Delivery and reception of the property, check-in and check-out.

  • Register contract and deposit bonds, tax settlement.

  • Energy Consulting, advice and management in the change of supplies of the property.

  • Advice and mediation in the purchase of insurance.

  • Relations with the Tenants, intermediation and sole interlocutor.

  • Monitoring compliance with contract, maturities, rent updates, resolution.

  • Attention Repairs (reception, management and intermediation according to interests and instructions of the property).

  • Displacement of farms, assistance and representation in the event of incidents and emergencies.

  • Relations with the Community of Owners, representation of the property and attendance at meetings.

  • Neighborhood relations, representation of the property before the other owners and neighbors.

  • Relations with insurance companies, parts, repairs, negotiations, etc.

  • Legal Advice, (Law of Urban Leases, Horizontal Property Law, unpaid, liquidations, bonds, insurance, incidents, etc ...)

  • Management and control of collections and payments related to leasing and property.

  • Preparation and presentation of taxes, income tax, IRNR, VAT, IBI, etc ...



Legal management:


FINCAS PUTXET is at your service   to highly qualified lawyers and economists with a long history in the real estate field.


Our objective is to meet the requirements of our clients with maximum efficiency, providing added value solutions in the different branches of Law that are applicable to any economic and commercial activity.


The professionals who form FINCAS PUTXET will advise, guide and resolve any queries and legal issues that may arise in the framework of their activity.


As a consequence of the scope and years of practice of the professionals who make up FINCAS PUTXET , they have directed their specialization in civil and commercial advice and litigation, in company, property, freight, civil liability and insurance law. and reinsurance.

"The happy man is the one who, being a king or a peasant , finds peace in his home ."